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Institutional Loans/Project Loans, Pension Loans, Salary Loans, Salary Advance (Overdraft), Group Lending (Microfinance), Susu Loans, and Trade Loans

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Domestic Money Transfer –Apex Link, Foreign Money Transfer – Western Union, E-zwich, ATM Card-GH Link, SMS Alert, and GhanaPay

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Avenor Rural Bank Limited is a Bank of Ghana licensed Financial Institution authorised to carry on business of rural banking.

Established since 1981, is arguably one of the foremost Rural Banks established in the Volta region and currently endorsed over 31,000 Customer operating from six (6) locations. Avenor Rural Bank is a private owned Rural Bank and is partnered with ARB Apex Bank Limited.


Avenor Rural Bank's investment up

Akatsi, Sept. 5, GNA – The total investment of the Avenor Rural Bank has increased from 32.10 per cent from GH¢3,986,226.00 in 2015 to GH¢5,265,712.00 in 2016, greatly improving the bank’s liquidity and reserve requirements. The Bank’s total assets also increased from GH¢11,311,838.00 in 2015 to GH¢12,051,490.00 in 2016, an increment of 6.54 per cent, propelled mainly from growth in deposits.

Avenor Rural Bank records growth in total assets

The total assets of the Avenor Rural Bank has increased to GH¢11,311,838 in 2015, rising 29.14 per cent from GH¢8,759,087 in 2014.

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